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“Njutomjorden” aka “ateljapan”  was an old 60’s officespace in the harbor of Malmö, where artist Ola Kalnins invited me and Mårten Dahl (My Bassist and collaborator at the time but also good friend and brother since many years)  to set up our studios. Magnus de Oliveira and Emmi, who were big parts of this record as well were also there, basically every day.  It’s also the spot where we were all robbed of everything we had (more details in the story of my first album) I didn’t live there at the time and the humiliation and great sorrow suffered from that event made me move out. After I did my first album at my friend, Johan’s space I worked up the courage to move back and start on my second album. I ended up living there for two years with Ola and our friend and superchef, Martin.  even if that space didn’t have a real kitchen (or a shower) he made us plenty amazing meals and I had the time of my life. It became the spot where all our friends ended up hanging, partying and practically living as well.

The music video for “World of its own” was recorded there, on its roof and surroundings by Frank Ashberg and Nicolai Zelmani. The graffiti artist in that video is Ola Kalnins.

I worked 24/7, writing and recording this record between October 2005 and august 2006 and it’s a time of my life that I will never, ever forget. My bed was next to my drums and everything was recorded with one or two mics in the same room, on an old pc with Cubase SX.

My friends, Magnus de Oliveira, Johan Zaar, Emmi Sandberg, Måns Mernsten Tomas Ebrelius and my brother, Anders Tingsek also played a big part on this album and Swedish superstars, Salem al Fakir and Mapei both played and sang on it.  This was before their breakthrough, visiting our spot in Malmö.

The songs I love you (part 1) actually has a part 2 as well but it’s well hidden in that old pc, along with a lot of other ideas that didn’t make the cut.

The song, World of its own is all about this magical place of ours and it took me less than an hour to write the whole thing. “So real” was the first song that did make the record, and kind of set the tone for what it was gonna become.

This era shaped me musically and personally on so many levels and it brings tears to my eyes thinking back on it. The song “world of its own” was played a lot on Swedish radio and got me playing on the bigger stages.  I’m eternally grateful for this record and to all my friends helping me make it.

Recorded at Njutomjorden, Malmö, Sweden 2006
Produced by: Magnus Tingsek
“Follow me Down” Produced by: Magnus & Anders Tingsek
Mixed by Magnus & Anders Tingsek
Engineered by Magnus Tingsek, Johan Zaar & Magnus de Oliveira
Mastered by: Hoffe Stannow at cosmos Mastering, Stockholm
Cover photo by: Zandy Mangold. Layout & Design: Karl Arvidsson


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