Stimulation Overload

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I’m so damn restless! It’s crawling all over me. I’m trying to find a way to get myself together,
’cause I’m loosing so much valuable time. I need something to set free. Oh, how I wish you were here right now baby!!
I know I need to follow. I’ve been telling myself so many times; hold on for just a little while,
and you will be alright. It will all be fine.
It doesn’t have to be “all that”, all the time. So now I just relax with a glass of fine wine

I probably don’t have any choices. It will always be like this.
How I learned to make it something I enjoy, says nothing about the way it is.
I guess I need stimulation overload.

There’s nothing out there but I have to go and see what that might be.
Most definate a disappointment, but I need to know if there’s something else.
It might be something really special. So I’ll just go and see if it’s so.

I probably don’t have any choices…

Written, produced & mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
Horn arrangement by: Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Percussion & Wurlitzer
Erik Axelsson: Trombone
Måns Mernsten: Wurlitzer & Moog