One Of Those Days

Available on: Restless Soul | Open in Spotify 

It’s time for me to try and end this day, it’s been a wonderful but long and very strange day today. I can’t describe it but I have to so I’ll try and make some sense, although I know I won’t.
Maybe I was just walking around. But I felt there was something else going down.

Suddenly I felt like I was free from unsolved issues. They just happened to disappear.

Everything has been obvious but never seen or heard of until today. A fifteen minute walk was like a week on the adventures of my life. It was all so clear.
Music came out like words never heard, but still they made all sense in the world.

Suddenly I felt like…

Written, produced & mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
String arrangement by: Magnus Tingsek & Tomas Ebrelius
Mastered by: Mathias Oldén & Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Mellotron & Piano
Emmi: Backing vocals
Lise Karlsnes: Backing vocals
Tobias Van der Pals: Cello
Tomas Ebrelius: Violin & Viola