Original Splendor / Amygdala

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I’m not quite sure, how to tell it, how to bring back those days right .
It deserves more, I don’t wanna undersell it
The power of back then just sways right.
Bringin up memories (ah the chills I get)
From the 1980’s

(Hey) Original splendor , turn that stone and share those memories.
I’m a truth bender, I paint thoughts complimentary.
Oh, and everything feels right and perfectly satisfying.
Original splendor, here’s to the true essence of those memories

But as usual it breaks within, there’s no more mystery.
And what I see is that broken chain spin, portraying a faded history.
With that path chosen they become enemies
Just about as broken, just like that mirror sharing memories

Music: Magnus Tingsek/Måns Mernsten Lyrics: Magnus Tingsek
Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, bass & Piano
Sara Lehmann: Background Vocals
Måns Mernsten: Prophet 08, Moog Voyager, Talkbox
Rasmus Svensson: Drums
Ale William Sjöström: Bass