To Live For

This is what you’ve got, this is what you need.
Only five thousand things to live for.
Oh, well this is all you’ve got, this is what you need.
Carefully caring about the things you don’t dare not to care for.

Thinking that you might be wrong.
Forgetting where the hell you came from.
You don’t know at all what to do.
No, you don’t have the slightest clue.

You’ve become what you’ve aimed for.
Nothing else to play for.
It’s not worth for you to die for, but at least it’s done and paid for.

This is all you got and this is what you need.
Know the limit of your time, your heart and your soul, sublime.
Something real to live for. Something you really have to fight hard for.
Just don’t rush you’ll get there someday.
Take the longer route and enjoy the scenery on the way.

Thinking that you might be wrong..

Written, arranged produced & mixed by Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by Markus Eriksson

String arr: Magnus Tingsek & Caroline Karpinska

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, backing vocals, guitar
Måns Mernsten: Rhodes, Moog & Prophet 08
Caroline Karpinska: Violin
Maria Bergström: Violin
Elina Nygren: Viola
Gerda Holmqvist: Cello