A Simple Mind

Good morning, how are you?
Did you sleep well?
I did not.
I was thinking about the essence of today and how to put that in a song.
And how to get along…
There’s a lot of anxiety, leaves no room for affection.
This man’s got issues he cannot see.
All in the wrong direction.
Did they talk about you last night?
And things you don’t know about.
Did she come back and put up a fight?
You expected her to, right?
I gotta be stopping you now.
‘Cause you gotta see the one’s close to you.
You will be alone if you don’t.
Did she go out tonight to get away?
Did she even look at you?
You wanna know whatever’s in her head, what she thinks and where she’s gone to.
Well maybe you should let it go and bury all your worries.
And trust the one that you want so because you love her, no?
I gotta be stopping you now…
Don’t go and waste your time now.
It’s not worth it.
You won’t get it back.
Because it will follow you around.