Mother Earth

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This is the work of a man who likes to think that things can change and be real nice.
That people will understand and give the ones who need it a helping hand. Start listening to everything.
Not only things that greed and money bring.
And what drown in peoples ignorance will once again make perfect sense.
There are so many more around that think we’re breaking ground. Well I know we’re few but we gotta do what we gotta do.
Mother earth…
I meet lots of people much like me, with the same thoughts and same ideas
about this planet and how sick it is. That we take life for granted and treat it like this.
-The world is fucked up anyway, there’s nothing we can do, nothing we can say.
Well, I for one don’t share that view. There’s a lot of things we can still do.
I breathe and close my eyes and try to realize how big it is and that it’s possible to get this…
Mother earth…

Written by: Magnus Tingsek & Måns Mernsten
Produced & mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by: Mathias Oldén & Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Drums, bass, guitars, vibes, piano, Fender Rhodes & Vocoder
Peter Zimny: Saxophone, Trumpet & Flute
Tobias Van der Pals: Cello