Our Song – HSO version

It’s hard to know how to be dealing with the company of a faded conclusion It’s all over the place with me, the soul of your memory, a deflated illusion


So, what do I remember you for?


I’m stuck behind the choices that you made I wish I’d see the man from before Before you ran away, made your escape, gone for good I’ll never know how you could


Despite the non-clarity, I know many times you’d really be there for me More than most I know about, well it’s obviously coming back out, my memory


You would sit right next to me for hours while I was trying to learn another “Zeppelin song” We built something that was just ours Even though you didn’t say much,  I could feel that you belonged in that room, with our song

Produced by Magnus Tingsek,
Carl Granberg & Jonas Nydesjö
Arranged & Conducted by Jonas Nydesjö
Recorded & mixed by Carl Granberg
Mastered by Hans Olsson

Vocals: Magnus Tingsek
Fender Rhodes: Måns Mernsten
Celesta: Oscar Johansson

Violin 1: Fredrik Burstedt, Gordan Trajkovic, Malin W Olsson, Jonas Dahlman, Rebecka Freij, Örjan Jernstedt, Patrik Kimmerud, Anna Dagberg

Violin 2: Emil Carlsson, Daniel Kuzmin, Violeta Mönnekes, Thomas Hillerud, Karin Höglund Kristensen, Agnieszka Swigut, Mats Persson, KajseLotta Soleke

Viola: Markus Falkbring, Yannick Dondelinger, Erika Johanson, Benjamin Kaminski, Lennart Palm, Yvonne Soelberg

Cello: Gustav Ölmedal, Christoffer Bergström, Lotta Weber Widerström, Lars Gahnsby, Dan Hedborg

Double Bass: Mattias Hanskov, Nikola Meyer, Harry Ellström, Lena Röné

Harp: Lovisa Wennesz