I’m Not Supposed To Be Like This

I believe I have to agree with a certain amount of time in despair.
And that I have to know I need to feel like this sometimes, and know my share of good times all depends on what I do with my life.
And that I learn that these days stays.
I’m not supposed to be like this though.
Thinking about this day in this “worst scenario way”.
I’m not supposed to think about; what if things would turn around and make me burn.
I will go outside for a walk maybe that will clear my head, it’s been done before.
But with the three feet of snow and winds that will burn my face right off, it’s probably best that I just stay here and moan and think about how it feels like singing… hmm, what am I thinking.
I’m not supposed to be like this…

Written by: Magnus Tingsek
Produced & Mixed by Magnus Tingsek & Anders Tingsek
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow

Flute & Clarinet Arr: Magnus Tingsek & Sven Andersson

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Organ & Percussion
Anders Tingsek: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals & Percussion
Måns Mernsten: Rhodes & Moog
Sven Andersson: Flute & Clarinet
Tomas Ebrelius: Violin, & Viola