The Fiddlers

Available on: Amygdala | Open in Spotify 

We’re the fiddlers of your conscience trying to tell you what to do .
With the utmost confidence we tell you to stop and re-value.

It’s true that this scenery create some inner most reality.
But it leaves out on the full machinery and things like dimensionality

If things really go bad and your world shatter.
Maybe I can say something that actually matter.
If this progression can ease your depression
maybe I can say something that matter.

We´re the one’s at the end of the rainbow, we know everything you don’t.
If you want your everyday to gain glow, turn the volume way on your phone.
Back it up with a melody and the words can glow in their own meaninglessness.
They take the backdoor to your identity and pinpoint your weaknesses.

Music: Magnus Tingsek/Anders Grahn Lyrics: Magnus Tingsek
Magnus Tingsek: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Wurlitzer, Pianet & Percussion
Måns Mernsten: Piano, Prophet, Moog Voyager & Mellotron
Ale William Sjöström: Bass