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I just can’t shake it, this weight stuck right to my bones.
It feels like it’s gonna break me.
I’ve tried to fake it, but clearly my cover was blown when
I was trying to break free.

I just don’t know how to do it no more
(You gotta get rid of that fool!)
I know I do!
But ah, he’s clinging.
(But he’s telling you what you can’t do)
That’s true!

So fuck you, I’m gonna do what i wanna do.
Fuck you!

Facing the wreckage, nothing’s broke, it’s all there.
So what was i fighting?
I can’t remember but I feel as light as I feel prepared to put this all down in writing.

It sure feels better. I might just be on a break through.

But he’s gonna be back!
Well I know him to well.
(You gotta get rid of that fool!)
oh, well I know I do.
I know, I know, I know!
But he’s a good guy still?
(He’s telling you what you can’t do)
That’s true . Well there’s nothing i can do, that’s got value.

Music & Lyrics: Magnus Tingsek
Magnus Tingsek: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Clavinet, Bass, Glockenspiel & Percussion
Rasmus Svensson: Drums
Måns Mernsten: Prophet 08