Mind On Hold

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My mind’s on hold today.
It’s been telling me for long to just stay away.
It feels like there’s nothing around me.
No sorrows, no regrets here to tell me.
This state is mostly going through hell, but right now it kills all my worries as well.
Just staring at the walls is not gonna help me to get rid of all the thoughts that drowns me.
There’s no love here today!
I spend too many hours here, just staring at the walls.
I’m so tired of these pointless days I bring myself in.
I have to get myself together and bring some love in here again!

Written by Magnus Tingsek
Produced & Mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by: Hoffe Stannow

Horn arr: by Johan Zaar Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Pumporgan
Måns Mernsten: Electric Guitar
Johan Zaar: Saxophone, Background Vocals
Rasmus Liedbergius: Drums
Mårten Dahl: Rhodes & Clavinet
Victor Johansson: Trombone
Truls Nilsson: Bass Trombone