Something Special

It’s the weirdest thing when it happens.
It will make us bring something fresh and lasting.
Something you just know, indescribable to me.
Something beautiful, I don’t know why it comes to me.

They say this feeling comes so unexpected.
It makes my world slow down, down, down. As I,
am overwhelmed by melodies that cure my soul like remedies.

Something special, understanding helps me find a way deep in a frequency.
Revelations to destinations, that will lead you straight to where you wanna be.

All it takes is for me to pay attention.
The “Proud To Be”, the “You Amaze Me” and the “World Of Its Own”.
All just came to me, words and melody.
The beat and the bass line all feels right, one of a kind.

Something special…

Written by Magnus Tingsek & Slakah the Beatchild
Arranged, produced & mixed by Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by Markus Eriksson

String arr: Magnus Tingsek Caroline Karpinska

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, backing vocals and guitar
Måns Mernsten: Rhodes, Moog & Prophet 08
Johnny Åhman: Upright Bass
Caroline Karpinska: Violin
Maria Bergström: Violin
Elina Nygren: Viola
Gerda Holmqvist: Cello