My Turn To Fall (feat. Bernhoft)

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We had it all. Didn’t want for anything. No shelter, no bread, no circus.
But where was your word on Sunday afternoons,
when they were needed the most

Carousels and carnivals while you stayed at home
Spent the days believing that it was the only way to go

I waited for you. Vivid imagination saved you.
The woods out back and the bicycle track wasn’t nearly good enough, no
Your old record collection, the Elo and the Beatles section.
(and you go) Be my guest – try your best

I’ll be right there with you, soon it’ll be my turn to fall.
(Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s your daddy after all?)
Your gaze is steady but the mirror keeps on crashing down
(Mirror mirror off the wall.)

You are a brilliant mind, could accomplish anything.
No problem, no challenge, the greater.
But I didn’t care at all as the seconds ticked away
I know ‘cause I counted them all

Holidays and summer camps while you stayed at work.

I waited for you, I know that you tried your best
But sad to say, though you meant it well it was never good enough.
Now I’m walking down your high street. While you say
-Be my guest, do what you can, little man, pride precedes the fall’

I’ll be right there with you. Soon it’ll be my turn to fall
(Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s your daddy after all)
Your gaze is steady but the mirror keeps on crashing down.
(Mirror mirror off the wall.)
I had it sorted. I knew what tricks to not fall for.
(You are misstra know it all, till you find out on your own)
Now, enjoy your last laugh. I will live to make it ours.
(We’ll be misstras know fuck all together, together, together…)

Music: Magnus Tingsek/Jarle Bernhoft Lyrics: Magnus Tingsek, Jarle Bernhoft
Magnus Tingsek: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Jarle Bernhoft: Lead vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Koto & Wurlitzer
Måns Mernsten: Piano
Caroline Karpinska: Violins
String Arr: Magnus Tingsek & Caroline Karpinska