In the Making

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Just look at the three of you go
Your mind set on things you don’t know
You know I got you
Straight up anthropology, these conversations between you and me
You know I got you

Nothing makes me go higher
You’re my oxygen supplier
Damn, this altitude is breathtaking
Plenty more is in the making

I’m pretty sure I always knew that these days would be about you
Blindfolded I’d still see this path, meant for me
I hit as hard as I could on that drum
On all the things I wanted to overcome
And since that day we were meant to be together

There were things to consider. (Yeah, things to do)
At least thirty tons of litter (to push through)
And on the path that I was taking, thirty more was in the making
All for you…Damn, this altitude is breathtaking
Plenty more is in the making

You build that fire bright
I’m gonna sleep well tonight
You make my dreams come true
You make me do everything I can do

Written by Magnus Tingsek & Måns Mernsten
Recorded, engineered and produced by Magnus Tingsek at Ljupet Studios, Malmö Sweden 2021.
Co-produced by Måns Mernsten.
Drum mic placement by Carl Granberg.
Additional keyboard & slide guitar recording by Måns Mernsten.
Arranged by Magnus Tingsek, Måns Mernsten & Anders Grahn.
Creatively mixed by Carl Granberg. Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes

Magnus Tingsek: vocals, background vocals, drums, percussion, bass, acoustic guitars.
Måns Mernsten: bass, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, slide guitars & Moog Voyager.
Sara Lehman: background vocals.