Lazy Days

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It’s late this afternoon; there’s nothing else here for me to do.
There’s an outside behind that door but I hardly know what it looks like yet,
maybe I should go and get some air!
No, really I don’t wanna leave now.
There’s nothing out there for me to see
(How do you know, you haven’t been there for days now)
It’s just the same as it was before.
People running everywhere, at such speed I can’t see what’s going on there!
Oh, it’s usually too cold.
It spreads through my bones and set my mind on hold.
It’s getting worse now, every day.
I’m so glad I’ve got somewhere to go today.
I think it’s time for lazy days!
I slip into your morning coat, if I may?
Let me undress your stress for a while.
Keep the sunshine in our minds and leave the troubled weather outside.

Written by Magnus Tingsek & Pauline
Produced & Mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by: Hoffe Stannow

Horn arr: by Johan Zaar Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Percussion
Måns Mernsten: Rhodes
Dag Strömquist: Drums
Pauline: Vocals