Soul Burn Out Now

Hello friends.
I’m very proud to present ”Soul Burn”. It’s a reflection of my own inner roller coaster that tends to transport me between pretty dark places and complete and utter joy. I almost never experience the in between

It’s about how you often too easily think you’re doomed. It’s over! Total collapse coming. (Well I do at least). But mostly it’s just a bruise that will fade within days. Hours even. And It can easily be handled with some perspective.

Soul burn is a phrase Måns Mernsten came up with and when he sang the melody over that very simple, yet classic chord progression I knew we needed to write this song. I wrote the rest of the lyrics around that phrase and paired it with a verse part I just started on. It matched perfectly.

We finished and recorded it together on a late Wednesday night session in January. I played down drums and guitars and Måns recorded the piano and the bass. Later that week we finished it separately and it feels like we’re on the top of this weird super creative mountain for a brief moment now. We get to see it all. And we’re milking it. This is only the beginning.


Tingsek & Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra

Lovers of the physical things in life unite! Check out my shop and get your hands on a hard copy of Tingsek & Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra LP to ensure that it will soon be spinning in your home. And of course we also carry CDs for those who prefer them!

Honestly, what sounds the best, not to say looks best, the ones and zeros streaming from your computer or the warm small pops & crackling of a vinyl? The little tiny thumbnail in Spotify or the real thing on display on your bookshelf?


Höstturnén 2021 har nått sitt slut!

Från djupet av mitt hjärta vill jag rikte ett STORT TACK till alla som har kommit och sett oss i Göteborg, Stockholm, Örebro, Malmö, Köpenhamn, Helsingborg & Lund! Tack till alla arrangörer och inblandade och framförallt ett stort tack till mitt fantastiska band! Det har varit overkligt – hoppas vi ses snart igen!


I am so sorry for the crazy delay. It’s been out of my hands. For you who doesn’t have your copy yet go to my shop and order one 🙂 

Turnépremiär 7 oktober!

Inte långt kvar till turnépremiären på Pustervik. Torsdagen den 7 oktober kommer vi med spelpepp som har bryggts i varenda cell under flera år. Repen med bandet har redan dom känts som gig och vi har nu behövts bosätta oss i djupa, iskalla hål för att stabilisera eventuella utbrott. KOM UT!!!! Support: Cosima Olu & Hush Forever 

Live gigs, YAY!

FINALLY I have some news regarding me getting to do what I love the most. Playing and singing my songs in front of you guys!! IN PERSON!!
So far and prob for a while I only have shows booked in Scandinavia but WOW, am I exited!!!!! I really hope I see you out there and to be able to cross other borders eventually as well… YEEEES!!!!

16/7 Landskrona, Rådhustorget (Duo)
19-20/7 Orust, Slussens pensionat (Band) – ONLY A FEW TICKETS LEFT
5/8 Helsingborg, HX Festivalen (With Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester)
7/8 Löderup, Solhällan (Duo)
28/8 Dalum, Hermans Lada (Duo)
7/10 Gothenburg, Pustervik (Band)
8/10 Stockholm, Södra Teatern (Band)
15/10 Örebro, Örebro Konserthus (Band)
16/10 Lund, Mejeriet (Band)
17/10 Copenhagen, Ideal Bar (Band)
12/11 Helsingborg, Dunkers Kulturhus (Band)
13/11 Malmö, Moriskan (Band)

Tickets and more info:


Wohoooo, It’s OUT!

A million thanks to the amazing people helping me create this album! 

Ale William Sjöström, Sarah deCourcy, Haley Reinhart, Sara Lehman, Shirin El-Hage, Caroline Karpinska and Gerda Holmquist. And to the magical ones, operating from the hadal zone of the creation; Måns Mernsten, Anders Grahn & Carl Granberg. 

To my manager Jonas Finnkvist and everyone at Bad Taste Empire. To Jens Nordström, Affe Piran & Benjamin Forslund for making this look great. To Marcus Lindberg and Mohave Media for always helping me out and of course, to my beautiful family; Anna, Rio, Billie & Mika. I love you more than words can describe. 

All photos taken by Jens Nordström. Artwork concept by Affe Piran. Artwork & sleeve design by Benjamin Forslund.


Musikhjälpen är i gång! Jag har en auktion på en privat spelning i min studio i Malmö. Du och dina vänner kommer hit och får ett intim och personligt gig! Jag bjuder på snacks o dryck och kanske spelar upp nått nytt (eller gammalt) osläppt alster… Kolla in den här. (Och sprid gärna ordet!)