Wohoooo, It’s OUT!

A million thanks to the amazing people helping me create this album! 

Ale William Sjöström, Sarah deCourcy, Haley Reinhart, Sara Lehman, Shirin El-Hage, Caroline Karpinska and Gerda Holmquist. And to the magical ones, operating from the hadal zone of the creation; Måns Mernsten, Anders Grahn & Carl Granberg. 

To my manager Jonas Finnkvist and everyone at Bad Taste Empire. To Jens Nordström, Affe Piran & Benjamin Forslund for making this look great. To Marcus Lindberg and Mohave Media for always helping me out and of course, to my beautiful family; Anna, Rio, Billie & Mika. I love you more than words can describe. 

All photos taken by Jens Nordström. Artwork concept by Affe Piran. Artwork & sleeve design by Benjamin Forslund.