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I sit here silent with nothing to do, looking at pictures that remind me of you.
It’s frustrating way of dealing with my doubts about us.
Should I scream or just cry out? I’m so tired of both ways,
I’m gonna have to re-evaluate my days.
But at least I’ve got lots of things to do, It helps me out.
I get to feel good somehow.
I follow trails I’ve laid out before, I bring my friends and they remind me even more
of how to feel good about this. When I become a part of this self destructive unease,
they won’t pretend at all. They’ll kick me right back into me.
Now that became a cloud in the sky. I totally forgot why.
It’s in between a late summer day and early October way.
Now I forgot what I was gonna say.
But at least I‘ve got lots of things to do.
It helps me out I get to feel good somehow…

Written by Magnus Tingsek
Produced & Mixed by: Magnus Tingsek
Mastered by: Hoffe Stannow

String arr: by Tomas Ebrelius Magnus Tingsek

Magnus Tingsek: Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Piano & percussion
Tomas Ebrelius: Violin & Viola